About Us

Kim and Graham McGrenere

We love climbing, kitties, coffee, tasty eats, birds, beers, photo-taking, being outside, and new adventures.

On-and-off living in our mobile van home, the Millennium FalcVan, since fall 2014.


Kim has been climbing since 2005. She has a BSc and an MSc in Geography, and loves spending her free time (and work time) romping about in the great outdoors. She gets really excited about birds, fires, and ecology. Kim’s favourite colours are blue and orange. She loves all kinds of foods.


Graham has been climbing since 2008. He has a BSc in Geography with specialization in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Also a mega gear nerd, he has worked as the Climbing Product Specialist in the MEC Service Centre. He will never pass up the chance to snuggle a kitty. He likes all the colours. Beer is always a good idea after climbing.


We have been maneuvering life’s adventures together since 2009 and we tied the knot in October 2016. We both grew up in Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. While the Island will always be home, we have been lucky to live in Vancouver and Alberta and travel throughout Canada, the USA, and parts of Mexico in the FalcVan.