So we live in a house now…

…and work full time jobs. We also cycle-commute to work, trail run, bake a lot, have board game nights, and do plenty of other non-climbing-related activities.

How did we get here?

Graham landed an awesome one-year contract job back at the MEC head office in Vancouver. I also gave into my secret-not-so-secret desire to work at MEC (and my mega crush on that head office building) and applied to a job in the Service Centre. Alas, here we are now, both happily learning and growing with Mountain Equipment Coop – an employer that understands and celebrates our climbing passion.

Sept 7_Smokey sun on the way to work

Walking to work on a smoky, early September day


MEC Service Centre gingergread competition. Serious business.

There are definite pluses to being back in Vancouver. To name a few…

-Proximity to friends and family

-Endless climbing in Squamish (<1 hr drive from our house)

-Devoting time to training for climbing

-Saving money for another dream trip (#eurotrip2019 and #aussieland2020)

Up in Squamish, we had good climbing days in October, waited out the rain through November, and have been enjoying crisp night time sessions of so-far-awesome December.


Graham warming up in the Grand Wall on a splendid October day


Crisp December conditions. Kim’s tenth session on her project, Agoraphobia (V11)

Being based in Vancouver for a year or so has great advantages for working projects. We’ve had the freedom and liberty to try lots of cool boulder problems without the self-induced pressure to finish them quickly. This means lots of exciting potential for our climbing right now.

We are excited for everything this phase in our lives still has to bring. Friends, family, work, climbing, adventures, and more. SO. MUCH. FUN.



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