We tied the knot!

After more than 7 years of adventuring through life together we decided to tie the knot. We had always thought, “if we’re going to get married, we’ll just get married!” – we weren’t really big on the idea of an engagement period. We got engaged on the last day of April and went promptly into spending 4 months apart working in different provinces. Once September rolled around, we had seven weeks together before our big day arrived on October 15.

Many people said to us, “I’m surprised you guys didn’t elope on the side of a mountain!”

As tempting as the idea may have been, it was more important to us to celebrate with our family and friends. So we got married on the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island, nearby to where we both grew up.

Climbing was a central theme for us in our wedding – how could it not be when the mutual love we have for the sport is such a strong bond we share? Our friends and family shared memories and stories that brought climbing to life throughout the day, but our celebration went so much further than that. It was incredible to hear and read words of support and encouragement for our relationship, advice for the future, and general stoke from so many amazing individuals. And of course, we had a blast and danced the night away. Our day was perfect and we cannot express in words how overjoyed we are by the love we felt.

We are thrilled with how our photographer Brodie captured the magic of our day and want to share a few of our special moments. He took TONS of amazing photos and if you’re interested in seeing them all, sign into the guest account here using the password Catsmaid.
Fifteenth time’s a charm! #tiesaretough
Practicing the vows
So much hairspray!
Mama buttoning the dress. This is the dress she wore to her wedding in 1984 – after a few modifications 😉
Our boys ❤
The inevitable wrist hair elastic – those have got to go!
Stepping into shoes
Oh hey! We’re married now!!
Oliver, our perfect ring bearer, has to pee!
Three generations of women
Our girls ❤
The full team!
We of course had to bring the Millenium FalcVan to the wedding
Inside our van home
Our wedding rings, which now live around our necks!
Celine, our kitteh of honour ❤
There were some funny moments at our reception 😀
Rock climbing cake toppers, hand made by Michelle
Dancing dancing!!!

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