Division Bell

Summer is drawing to a close and it is time to start wrapping up those projects. September is one of our favourite months of the year for climbing, and Graham took it upon himself to usher in the season of Sendtember with style. So now I get to gush a little…

Graham had been projecting Division Bell (5.13d) at Chek on and off for a couple summers. One of Squamish’s Top 100 climbs, it climbs the striking diagonal crack from the bottom left to the top right of the 35-40 degree overhanging “Big Show” wall. The route has two cruxes: the “real” crux just before a midway alcove, and an unforgiving redpoint crux at the second to last draw.

The redpoint crux is a major mental challenge that has thwarted many a climber, many a time. Graham fell at this point in the route a number of times, and had this to say about the process and the send:

“My epic with this route is finally over. It was definitely a mental roller coaster for me. Many beta changes, some unconventional beta in the crux, wobblers, and falling 18 times at the redpoint crux culminated in FINALLY sticking the slopey pinch and making my way to the top. A wonderful start to Sendtember. We had a great group out on a rainy Thursday AND Kim is back in town! I wasn’t able to make the finger lock in the crux work for me – see Beta section for alternate beta ;)”  Source: Graham’s Sendage

So when a grey and drizzly September 1st rolled around and Graham cruised up the route he had been on dozens and dozens of times to clip the chains at last, we were ecstatic! It was a superb day. I know that Graham (and I) are both super thankful for the ongoing support and encouragement from so many wonderful friends over the course of this (fun!) battle. 

Many thanks to Squamish Climbing Magazine and Gripped Magazine for their supportive shout-outs as well:



Aaaaaaand a few more photos from last week, with photo talent credit going to our good friend Dan 🙂

We can’t wait to see what the rest of Sendtember will bring 😀


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