Saying Good-bye

Parting ways is difficult. Farewells yank at heartstrings. Change can be exciting, sad, and scary…
Yesterday we left Orangeville, Utah and started the long drive home to Canada, where we’ll be for the next six months.  We said good-bye to Joe’s Valley. We had such a good time on the hard sandstone and funky features of Joe’s boulders and were quickly reminded of the powerful toll that bouldering takes on the body, especially after a long stretch of sport climbing.
Jared takes the send on Resident Evil (V10)
Tyler locking in the toe hook on Kinda Brawny (V8)
Ruth was SO CLOSE to the send on Stumble Bum Traverse (V5)
Mallory making quick work of her project Double Delicious (V6)
Working out the moves on Planet of the Apes (V7)
Topping out the classic problem Wills of Fire (V6)
Chris working out the beta on the Super Proj (unknown…. V17?)
Nikki pulling down on Stumble Bum (V2)
Sacrifices to Joe’s Valley
Climbing is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. It directs our lives, fills our days, brings us joy. We meet so many climbers who feel the same way. Building connections and relationships is easy and natural, but the hard thing is saying good-bye to friends.
We feel especially lucky to have spent nearly every waking hour of the past two and a half months of our trip with Chris, Ruth, and Jared. 
Chris and Ruth are a beautiful, happy couple who live each day to the fullest and are always seeking adventure. They have such an incredible outlook on life and an inspiring ability to stay positive despite whatever challenges life throws their way (broken down RVs, collapsed tents, crazy weather, etc etc).  They are the type of people who don’t waste their time with regret, and are always jumping forward with both feet. They also know no boundaries in terms of giddy, silly, and goofy, and we love this about them.
Roscoe derp face!!!
Jared is a gem. He is the type of person who can make friends with anyone and alwayssees the good in people. He is the friend who goes out of his way no matter what to help friends. Jared is an incredibly strong yet modest climber, and he is always genuinely stoked for everyone else’s successes. He is also just as much a goof as Ruth and Chris, which makes every day with these three a total blast. Oh ya, and he has a perfect tan 😉
We miss you guys already. The countdown to August begins…

“And if we’re lost, we are lost together”

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