Squamish Winter Bouldering

It has been an absolutely fantastic winter. From late November through to the end of January, we have had multiple good-weather days begging us to adventure up to Squamish. There have been gorgeous days, sunny and up to 12 degrees, there have been several cold days where mother nature only spared us a couple degrees, and there was one day with a balmy high of -6.
But despite the varying temps, what all of these days had in common was the dryness of the granite. Occasionally we had to seek out these dry boulders, the Apron being a consistently good bet.
Graham sending Nick’s Link (V9)
Kim sending Alien Within (V3)

Graham working the moves on Blast Hole Traverse (V7)
Deeper in the forest wasn’t bad either though, with locations on the fringe of the woods drying only 1-2 days post rain.
Kim’s one billionth attempt on Easy Chair (V4)

Graham working the moves on Sesame Street (V9)

Kim working the beta on Lounge Act (V6)
On the third weekend in January the weather was SO good that we even climbed up at Lipsmack and in around Sloppy Poppy. Take that wet top-out moss!
We were so happy to session this winter with so many awesome people too! Cory, Julia, Marc, Luke, Frank, Phil, Tom, Natasha…to name a few J

Marc’s hardcore knuckles after battling the granite

We had a number of key accomplishments too. Sending very long term projects, flashing new grades, etc. Graham put his talents to work to make a video of the highlights – check it out to see us in action!

After all this bouldering, we are off to Red Rocks in less than a week. Route climbing, here we come!

2 thoughts on “Squamish Winter Bouldering

  1. A group of friends and I were bouldering throughout January as well–really couldn't have asked for better conditions. Your post and pictures were very enjoyable to look at. I'm looking around for my first 5.13a and Vultures Circling sure looks nice.

    Good luck sending on your trip!



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